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No, I’ve Never Seen Nothing Like You

The fact that I am terribly lazy and terribly infatuated with you, created an unbalanced effect on me. Since the time I learned your name, I could not resist the urge to know more about you. Discovering that you are a celebrity and I stand NO CHANCE against the multitudes that idolize and adore you, I half-heartedly accepted that you are out of my league. It’s so funny that I am trying to adapt the things you like and the way you view life, I tried to imitate your point of view. I admit that you are beautiful. Yes, everybody confesses that. I think the reason for me to like you is your vocal attitude in regard with the way you confront your feelings, the way you handle life. I would be lying if I told you, I did not like you because of your pretty face. Many times I’ve been told, do not be deceived by mere looks. I find no logical reason that your looks are deceiving, but if I have been deceived, it would’ve been totally worth it. If you happened to be faceless or formless, the things that permits me to perceive your true beauty are the words that comes out from your mind, the idea that flows out spontaneously from you, those would be enough for me to call you beautiful. Even though how many desperate acts I’d do to get your attention, I’d better be reserved and let all those who knew you first get the privilege in making their move to catch your attention and even get the most rewarding part of it, befriending you. I’ll let them do all the praising, the encouragement, the adoration, cause I respect this simple protocol, this basic rule, “first come, first serve”. I can consider myself lucky, cause I got the chance to know that you even existed.

I may be overrating a bit, but if I have the power to create the perfect girl, I’ll be sure to create someone just like you. Sure, you do have the flaws, the imperfections, the short-comings, but all I care is the beauty you possess, in and out. Seems like I’m showing signs of selfishness, truth is I never knew what I was looking for till the day I learned about you. If we happen to exist in a world where we both know each other, I’m sure that I’d court you forever and ponder upon you for eternity, but I learned that your beauty is your innocence. Relationships would be futile and useless, cause the feeling of satisfaction, the feeling of home, the feeling of security radiates naturally  in you. There’s no need for you to be involved with romance, cause the love for your family is what makes you you. Being friend with you would be an honor, yet knowing you is already a privilege. I’m afraid that I’ll give up adoring you and I’ll start to accept reality. Honestly, I don’t have any type of girl or I haven’t made up standards to girls back then, but since I met you, I made up my mind that you are the only standard I should strictly comply. Who cares if we have so many things in common, it’s just some cheap pick-up line to get your attention, but these common things are the things that keep me on admiring you.

I must admit that admiring you also has its consequences. Since I am the introvert type of guy, I want your popularity to be contained as much as possible. I can’t stand the fact that so many guys lusted upon you, craving for you, God forbid their malicious thoughts on you, and the hardest thing for me is to be a spectator, viewing and scanning your page, hoping that those acts would even catch the slightest attention of yours. I know, I don’t have the right to tell you the things you need to do, to dictate what are the do’s and the don’ts. I may be obsessive-compulsive, but trust me, I just want to protect the ones I love, and keep them safe. Destiny has its duty to perform in our lives, but I hope that one of these days I’d be able to meet you personally, and I’ll not abuse that chance to take that on a higher level. Keeping you as a friend would be more than enough to satisfy this insatiable greed in me. Haha! You may find me creepy but I am being as subtle as possible to make every word worth while to read. For a pessimist, you are pretty flawless for judgement. I was enthralled, mesmerized, and captivated by you cause cupid embedded his arrow firmly on me.



I Wish I Was Someone Else

Since the day we availed a router, my fucked up life became worse. Now, I always face this computer, wasting my precious time. I am the kind of person who always procrastinate, thinking that I have a very big free time when in fact I should be doing stuff right now. Maybe I am not the total lazy-ass kind of person but I think I’ve had enough in coping up with the world’s ugly reality. I’ve surrender the will to fight this fucked up world. I am thinking that I have done more than enough, that I should be dedicating my everyday to unwind and buy myself  some time to undergo some stress debriefing. I am tired of all the responsibilities, the obligations, the routine. I am tired of looking up to people who inspires me, cause in the end of the day I end up doing nothing but wasting my day adoring the things they have achieved, and here I am regretting why I was not born handsome, rich, or even talented. I am tired of waiting for the person who would appreciate my looks, my financial capability, and even the simplest talents I possess. Maybe, just maybe I am a sick person who doesn’t know how to appreciate the things that God blessed me. Or maybe all this time, I am viewing life the wrong way. Maybe I failed to realize that I’m in the wrong point of view towards life. I’m envious, I’m desperate, I’m afraid. I am selfish. I am not like this before, but people failed me. I’ve put so much trust in them, but what happened? They failed me, they disappointed me. It’s funny that I still have the guts to blame them when in fact I should be the one responsible of how my life should be running. I wish a zombie apocalypse will happen so that people will have something else productive to do instead of doing monotonous things in their life. People went to school, why? So that they could find a job to support themselves and later on have a family and make their own kids. Then what happens next? They send their kids to school, why? Same reason, we keep on repeating those things, making our lives a simple routine. IT IS SO LAME! I want to beat that fucking system. Since I was young, I always wanted was attention. I just wanted to be appreciated, I want to be famous. This post may reflect that I am broken, but I just hate how my life sucks right now. The culprit is money. We need to study cause we need to have a job so that we could earn money. Money dictates our life. We became slaves because of money. I was not born in a well-off family. I was not born to be outspoken cause I am introvert. I am weak with public relationship. I am thinking that the best solution to this problem is a zombie apocalypse! HAHAHA. The bottom line of this post is I HATE SCHOOL! Why do I need to wake up so early in the morning and compromise my sleep? Why do I have to suffer this much?! I know the answer to these fucking questions but I wish I was someone else who is much more fortunate than I was. I wish I was rich. God, give me the strength to survive this life of mine!

Just when I finished this post, my crush posted this:








You know, if your parents are sending you to school.. you’re so fortunate. Don’t waste it. Not all kids are as fortunate as you.

Pakkkkk! I was hit right in the face! She made me realize how big ungrateful asshole I am, thanks to her.  She really never fails to amaze me.

Date A Man Who

NOTE: This article is not mine. It’s from my Facebook friend, Pat Bacaltos. I don’t know, but it came from her wall.  I do not intend to violate any copyrights. I just want to share it and this was my face while I am reading this:








Date a man who doesn’t spend his money on drink, or clothes, or video games, but saves what he has to go on adventures and pursue his dreams. He might have problems dealing with everyday things but no-one sees the possibilities life holds like he does. This is a man who is ready for anything, who will drop everything on a moment’s notice to run away and get lost somewhere with you or show up unannounced to whisk you away on some crazy adventure. Date a man who sees the world in millions of colours, who has his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground.

Date a man who hasn’t got the money to spoil you or shower you with gifts but finds a way to do it anyway. You can trust that he’ll find a way to touch your heart and make you feel special in new ways. He knows that words and gifts aren’t what matters. Every time he gives you something or writes to you he is giving you a piece of his soul. And every time you give him something or write to him he will truly treasure it and understand the effort you put in to choosing the gift, the words, or even making it yourself.

Date a man who sees how amazing you are even if you don’t see it yourself, who sees how good things could be for you. Because a man like this who can see the end goal, the big picture, will keep on going because no obstacle can compare to what lies ahead. Date a man who believes in true love, in romance. He will dream up incredible fantasies that the two of you can bring to life together. He will take you places other people can’t even imagine. Date a man who believes in you, because he will help you believe as well. He will see echoes of you in every thing of beauty, and he sees beauty in everything. A man like this will always think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and will always be there for you.

Date a man who reads books and comics, who watches films and cartoons, who laughs at stupid jokes and knows when to fall into a reverential silence and drink in the moment with you. You can just be yourself with him and he’ll just be himself. He’ll understand why you love the things you do and he’ll appreciate them and be interested in them too, even his own passions lie elsewhere. He understands your whims and desires, because he’s seen them acted out in his mind. And whatever the scenario, no matter how bad things get, he sees how the story ends. And because he sees how it ends, he knows that all tragedies are overcome, all villains vanquished and fears are banished, no matter how desperate the situation may appear. Better still, date a man who writes.

Date a man who can’t be pigeon holed into any one category, who can mingle in any crowd but doesn’t truly fit in any one scene. He’s an individual, a man who knows what it takes to stand out from the crowd and who doesn’t mind being judged or thought of as different. That’s why he will never judge you or make lazy assumptions about you. That’s why he will always see you as your own person, as a unique and wonderful individual.

Fail him. Let him down. Hurt him. He’ll do the same to you: but he knows that this is just how things go. He knows that life is made up of ups and downs. He will understand that when you lash out at him or push him away, there are many reasons why. Instead of getting mad or retaliating he’ll try and make things right. He knows when to apologise and admit to making mistakes. He’s also quick to forgive because he knows how easy it is to make mistakes. He understands that your flaws and vulnerabilities make you beautiful and strong.

He knows that perfect harmony doesn’t exist and that nothing is forever. He knows that you see this too: he sees beauty and freedom in this and wants to help you see it too. He knows fear and embraces it. He knows sadness. He knows his many flaws. He is prepared to adapt and to change because he respects your values and your opinions. He knows that nobody is perfect but that doesn’t stop him trying to do his best. He knows that love needs to be worked for, that relationships are a constant flow from love and laughter to arguments and conflict, that like all things the good times come with the bad and that the dancing and loving and laughing are worth the fighting. He wants you to be happy even if it means not being with you, but in his heart he believes that he can make you happy like nobody else and so will do anything to be with you.

Date a man who remembers every little thing about you, who is intuitive, who can see when you’re happy or sad, when you need cheering up or when you want to get away from it all or just forget everything for a while. He sees everything about you. He understands that you’ll be a different person from moment to moment, that you’ll change your mind and your mood without warning. He knows that you can switch between being a baller shot caller, a kawaii otaku, an artistic auteur or a femme fatale in the blink of an eye, an that they are all a part of who you are. He loves and pays attention to each and every aspect of your personality, from the girl who needs to be cuddled and cared for to the woman with her own needs and desires.

Date a man who fights to be in your life no matter what. A man who values you and believes he should be with you will only see that you are scared of how much this could mean for both of you. This kind of guy who will always be there for you when the times are tough, who is always looking out for you even when you’re not together or when you cannot see him. Date a man who will always believe you should be together: a man who will never give up on you no matter what. Date a man you’re scared to date, precisely because you cannot think of a reason you should be scared to be with him.

Date a man who knows that this isn’t about him, but about you: a man who loves you with his heart and soul. You deserve it.

Date a man who dreams. Who dreams about you.

Or better yet, date a man who lives his dreams.

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