No, I’ve Never Seen Nothing Like You

The fact that I am terribly lazy and terribly infatuated with you, created an unbalanced effect on me. Since the time I learned your name, I could not resist the urge to know more about you. Discovering that you are a celebrity and I stand NO CHANCE against the multitudes that idolize and adore you, I half-heartedly accepted that you are out of my league. It’s so funny that I am trying to adapt the things you like and the way you view life, I tried to imitate your point of view. I admit that you are beautiful. Yes, everybody confesses that. I think the reason for me to like you is your vocal attitude in regard with the way you confront your feelings, the way you handle life. I would be lying if I told you, I did not like you because of your pretty face. Many times I’ve been told, do not be deceived by mere looks. I find no logical reason that your looks are deceiving, but if I have been deceived, it would’ve been totally worth it. If you happened to be faceless or formless, the things that permits me to perceive your true beauty are the words that comes out from your mind, the idea that flows out spontaneously from you, those would be enough for me to call you beautiful. Even though how many desperate acts I’d do to get your attention, I’d better be reserved and let all those who knew you first get the privilege in making their move to catch your attention and even get the most rewarding part of it, befriending you. I’ll let them do all the praising, the encouragement, the adoration, cause I respect this simple protocol, this basic rule, “first come, first serve”. I can consider myself lucky, cause I got the chance to know that you even existed.

I may be overrating a bit, but if I have the power to create the perfect girl, I’ll be sure to create someone just like you. Sure, you do have the flaws, the imperfections, the short-comings, but all I care is the beauty you possess, in and out. Seems like I’m showing signs of selfishness, truth is I never knew what I was looking for till the day I learned about you. If we happen to exist in a world where we both know each other, I’m sure that I’d court you forever and ponder upon you for eternity, but I learned that your beauty is your innocence. Relationships would be futile and useless, cause the feeling of satisfaction, the feeling of home, the feeling of security radiates naturally  in you. There’s no need for you to be involved with romance, cause the love for your family is what makes you you. Being friend with you would be an honor, yet knowing you is already a privilege. I’m afraid that I’ll give up adoring you and I’ll start to accept reality. Honestly, I don’t have any type of girl or I haven’t made up standards to girls back then, but since I met you, I made up my mind that you are the only standard I should strictly comply. Who cares if we have so many things in common, it’s just some cheap pick-up line to get your attention, but these common things are the things that keep me on admiring you.

I must admit that admiring you also has its consequences. Since I am the introvert type of guy, I want your popularity to be contained as much as possible. I can’t stand the fact that so many guys lusted upon you, craving for you, God forbid their malicious thoughts on you, and the hardest thing for me is to be a spectator, viewing and scanning your page, hoping that those acts would even catch the slightest attention of yours. I know, I don’t have the right to tell you the things you need to do, to dictate what are the do’s and the don’ts. I may be obsessive-compulsive, but trust me, I just want to protect the ones I love, and keep them safe. Destiny has its duty to perform in our lives, but I hope that one of these days I’d be able to meet you personally, and I’ll not abuse that chance to take that on a higher level. Keeping you as a friend would be more than enough to satisfy this insatiable greed in me. Haha! You may find me creepy but I am being as subtle as possible to make every word worth while to read. For a pessimist, you are pretty flawless for judgement. I was enthralled, mesmerized, and captivated by you cause cupid embedded his arrow firmly on me.



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