Coffee Day

Well, this is my second coffee shop experience. I have to agree join my cousin to this Friday night adventure cause it’s been a while since I have posted an entry to my stinking blog. So many things happened to me during these past few weeks, so many trials and blessings overtook me, so many stories and testimonies to tell, and billions of realizations running in my head. The bottom line is I need to be consistent in this little hobby of mine because I have somewhat noticed that I turned into a useless citizen to the society lately.

Guess what? I have been granted a company scholarship. So many things ran into my mind when I learned that I have been granted such privilege. Eleven students applied for that scholarship, but only two of us were chosen. I am lucky though. Even though how great the urge I possess to brag and be proud of my achievement, I just maintained my humility and confessed to them that the glory is to God’s alone and He was the reason why I have that scholarship. It’s a biggie though, but I kept my cool and carried on. I haven’t told my parents the good news immediately, not until three days when they asked me about the previous company who was searching for scholars. I couldn’t contain the excitement anymore, so I told them the great news.












One week later.

Since the beginning of the semester, our P.E. teacher was giving us a reward motivated exam. The mechanics were simple. If you will top the exam, you will get the prize money, and be exempted for the next exam, but the score you will get will depend upon the highest score your  classmates gets. Since prelim, I am one of the students who would die to get the promising incentive our instructor proposed. I worked hard, but to no avail, I didn’t topped the exam in the prelims. Long story short, I didn’t have the chance to be exempted for the midterm’s exam. I felt bad. Midterm came, still unfortunate as before, I hadn’t claimed the reward. When everything seemed to suck, and I didn’t expect to ace the exam, I was surprised to know that I got the highest examination result in our semi-finals. I want to pocket the prize money all by myself, but I have the obligation to treat my classmates for achieving such thing. Even though, it’s quite against my will, I treated them as respect and to protect my reputation, because I don’t want them to brand me as selfish. By the way, since the exam was for our semi-finals, I didn’t get the chance to be exempted for our finals. And I hate to think that our final exam is a practical examination. One of my worst nightmare, the escape and release. 

So to lighten things up, to unwind, and to relax, I need to venture this new experience life has to offer. Hehe!

Here are the pics by the way 🙂

My point of view.

Her point of view.

Do we two look cute together? Not! We’re cousins by the way.

The lighting was bad, and I should feel bad. Damn self-timer.


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