The Damsel of My Dreams

When will I come to my senses? Reality and fantasy seemed to be in unison. I’ve been badly attached to some kind of drug, a euphoria which was embodied by a damsel. Indeed, it’s inevitable to meet that notorious thing along the way called affection. Yes, the culprit was still love. Different names, same shit. My hopes are held captive by this ruthless hope-raiser. I have wasted my time beholding her ravishing beauty, but it seemed that it ain’t a loss after all. How could I claim that she broke my heart into pieces when in fact we haven’t even met? Am I insane? Yes, I am! I am insanely in love with her. I am betrothed to a dream, a dream which only exist inside my head. The girl of my dreams, the dream where I only dreamt of one girl. It’s foolish to whine about the impossible, but I will make it possible. I will find her, and I will love her.

P.S. I exist


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