Does This Poem Make Any Sense? (A Poem I Made When I Was In Fourth Year Highschool)

polluted air, polluted values.
the raging bullet pushing through my heart, am i lost?
no, i’m still alive. the bitter vengeful heart that keeps me from fighting.
the armored walls of my mind protecting me from believing that there is hope.
hope? it’s extinct.
the world is at war, my heart and my mind are one with that principle.
they say that the hero dies for his country, oh the irony.
the hero makes the enemy die for his.
my relentless soul, holding the riffle by his palm, stabbing, shooting, murdering the foes left to right.
disgrace coming my way. he fights for his country yet cannot save his queen, his life.
shedding blood for his glory, what a selfish greed!


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