August 15, 2010

I hate how my grammar sucks during that time. All the while I thought that the past tense of spread was spreaded. haha. But I like the way how spreaded sounds in this phrase, “spreaded legs”. Come to think of it, if I were to use spread, it would sound so wrong, or is it just me? “Spread legs”. See? Spread legs sounds like a command: “Hey you. Yes, you. Spread legs. NOW!” Haha. Just bear with the “spreaded” for the mean time, cause I made it two years ago 😐

I’m trying my best not to fall in love you and I’m forcing myself just to be only infatuated to you. I forgot how love looks like, it’s easier to admit that I’m totally infatuated than to curse this bitter love when it gets to my lungs.  If ever, I’d be falling for you, I’d cherish the thought that love is far from infatuation. I’m gonna prove you that behind your mesmerizing face, behind the glorious curve of your nose, beyond your mounted breasts, I swear to you that I’d be the man that wouldn’t chase after your spreaded legs. I’m not the man from your fairytales, but I’d be the reality of your eternity. I know beauty doesn’t last, so let me love you till your precious beauty runs dry and aged. I know that love hurts, but if I wouldn’t take the risk of falling for you, would you call me cowardice? I’m just a child, waiting for the perfect gift of time to allow you and me to be in love together. If destiny wants the other way around, all I could say is that even if our fate does not intertwine, I’d be happy to have you in the ends of my universe. I’ll give love a new definition if you love me back too.

Apologies: I beg for your pardon. I was trying to be poetic during that time. Teehee!

The title I wrote here was “Man’s Promise To A Girl When In Love, But Forsakes It When Distorted.” So immature I think? haha



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