Every Man’s Dream


Every man has his own type of girl. I am really turned on  by girls with, hmmm, let’s deal with the physical attributes first. I really, really like girls with clean armpits. Who doesn’t?  For me, a girl’s armpit is  a measure of  her cleanliness. How I wish every girl’s armpit do not have to grow hair anymore. haha. I am also attracted to girls with decent nose structure. I am appalled to a nose which looks like a flat tire. haha. It’s like the nose dictates how a face would look like. I like girls with braces. I also like girls who polish their nails. It’s so cute. I can imagine that they’re still  little girls, coloring their fingernails with  crayons. I know it  might sound weird to some but recently, I’m starting  to like girls with tattoos. Maybe I’m  influenced by  rebellion or something, but girls with tattoos  have an uncommon impression on me compared to most people. It tells me that they are  fighters; they are girls who will fight back and will not allow to be  abused. It’s like they have the  guts to kick your ass if you  pick a fight with them.

In terms of  abilities and  intellectual attributes, I like a girl who has  a decent vocabulary. I am turned off if her grammar, pronunciation or diction is poor. I like girls who read and cry over books because that will make us alike.  I also get attached to  words, books, or even movies. But I prefer girls who read books over  girls who just watch movies.  I think it’s a shame to prefer movies over books. I also like girls who write, and  girls who can sing and play any musical instruments such as a  keyboard or a guitar, maybe? Hmmm, what else? Yeah! I also like girls who are brave. I love  girls who know how to swim. 😀

I like  girls who  are Beautiful, Intelligent, Gentle, Thoughtful, Innocent, Trustworthy, and Sincere. In short, I like girls with BIGTITS. HAHA


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