Grudges And Bitterness

I was supposed to have another coffee bonding tonight with my cousin and her friend. But here’s what happened.

I took a nap around 2 in the afternoon, but I woke up at around 6pm. Really? Nap for hours? I was awakened  by my phone  ringing with my cousin calling to ask  if I could go and have coffee with them tonight. I told her that I would ask my parents first. Yeah, my parents are strict. teehee 🙂

I was not really in the mood to have  coffee tonight because I don’t have any money at the moment and I want to study because Finals is  fast approaching, but I felt obliged to go with them because it’s been a long time since we three have got together.  I went to my father and asked for permission. When I asked him, I can feel that he was kind of unwilling to allow me to go. He reasoned that he had no budget and besides it was already getting late. So he told me to go  to mother and  ask her permission instead. So then I went to ask my mother  if I could go tonight. Without any hesitation, she immediately said no. I couldn’t argue with her, or I didn’t  want to argue with her because somehow I didn’t really  want to go out.

Mom’s reason was, “I don’t want you to be associated with that girl.” She was referring to my cousin’s friend whose  name was Lalay.  This was the background: My dad  and Lalay’s elder sister are  working in  the same office. My father being a great sales-agent has a conflict with her elder sister. Their ideas would clash somehow and I don’t know the real reason behind that. Every lunch time in the office, since Lalay’s sister was in charge  of the food, she would call everyone to eat except  my father. My father, being a gentleman, doesn’t want to argue  or make any bad comments about her. So instead of joining them for lunch,  my father would go outside the office and find a place where he could eat. Alone. Mom knows that, and she feels really bad about it. So when mom learned that we will be having coffee tonight with my father’s colleague’s  younger sister, she firmly said no.

Even if my beloved father and Lalay’s elder sister are  not in good terms, I have no grudge towards  Lalay, though. What I’m feeling kind of reminds me of  Romeo and Juliet’s story –  two families holding  grudges between one another. It’s funny to hear that dad even said this to one of his officemates, “Her sister is  not even pretty (referring to Lalay), I’m sure she’s  not the type of my son.” And of course, I’m not into Lalay, it’s just funny to know  that we are  just friends and yet our families are in the Capulet and Montague situation who don’t want us to see each other.

Nevertheless,  even though I haven’t got the chance to be with them in person, we managed to see each other through Skype.


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