Awkward Confessions 101

I consider a woman’s naked body as art. No offense but, I find it so magnificent to look at. But let’s disregard the fat and unattractive ones though. haha. And for me, pornography is an expression. It doesn’t make any sense but, porn is just an expression of one’s self. I’m not saying that pornography is not a sin, of course it is! IT IS MORALLY WRONG! But, why do people tend to get involved anyway? I believe culture is one of the factors why there are people involved in such a profane act. Their culture could dictate whether a person will grow liberated or conservative. Values also help define us. There are a lot of factors I can think of like peer pressure, rebellion, addiction, passion? But let’s be honest, it’s all up to our choice anyway.  I could name many porn stars right now. Maria Ozawa, Sasha Grey, Faye Reagan, Sunny Leone, Kagney Linn Karter, April O’Neil, etc. I forgot the other ones. And you’re like, “Seriously dude? How the hell did you know all those girls? Are you an avid fan or something?” HELL NO! I just do know them. *wink* It’s kinda awkward to write this kind of stuff but it’s all I could think of the moment. No, not porn, but the ideas of pornography. Do you get it? It also took a man out of me to write this kind of stuff because by the time you read the first line, prejudice is sure to be handy. You are like, “EW! Perv! Shoo! Get away!” but may I clarify things up? Aside from being a male, it is normal for guys to watch porn. Yes, it is morally wrong and besides writing this stuff is a bad idea. By the way, it doesn’t mean if guys watch porn, they are all perverted, mind you, some girls also watch porn. What I’m saying is there is a time for everything. So girls, don’t be harassed by the thought that every guy watches porn, or have watched porn. It is still safe to interact with your boy friends, because they respect you as their friend.

I am thinking that being a porn star is a full time job. This April O’Neil girl is a liberal one but I kinda find her lifestyle amazing though. She is a porn star, but she’s not ashamed to be one. She has a Twitter account and she’s open whenever people would compliment her (insert word here). Even in her Tumblr account, sometimes she would upload a photo wherein she is naked and sometimes she uploads a photo being with her co-porn stars. It was really amazing to think that despite the fact of being a porn star, she does not deny or hide her identity.

I’m thinking that porn is just an act of rubbing a genitalia against the genitalia of another person. But how come people tend to be so aroused by this tedious act? Okay, I would be a hypocrite if I say it’s boring, but for me, starring in a pornography film is not the most humiliating or most vulnerable point in a person’s life. Maybe I’m just immune with the pattern of how a porn is done. It’s so repetitive to the point that being nude is nothing to be ashamed of. Porn made me realized that being nude and exploiting your body does not make you feel naked and vulnerable, but insecurities and dark secrets do. I have seen porn many times and it makes me think why did humanity’s wickedness traveled too far? Sex became a ritual, like a special rite to earn belongingness in the West these days. tch. I have seen a picture which was printscreened, and shared into Facebook, the picture was a status of a 14 year old kid. I could not recall the exact lines but this was the thought. “If you are 14 years old and still a virgin, you are a loser.” Can you imagine this? *Facepalm* Oh people what have you done to these day’s kids? Or should I say, Oh people why did you made these kids? *Sigh*

In conclusion: For me, pornography is an expression of people’s dream because some became famous and rich because of it. Pornography is still a sin. Naked women are still beautiful, but naked women doing pornography is nonsense. I’m not saying that women who are involved in pornography are nonsense, but the act is and it’s a defamation to the beauty of naked women. Btw, I haven’t watched porn, I have seen porn.

P.S. I’m not a pervert.


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