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Drinking Spree

There are three reasons why people drink (liquor).

1. People drink if something bad happened.
2. People drink to celebrate the good things that has happened.
and lastly..
3. People drink to make something happen.

Admit it people, we drink to achieve either of the above’s goal.

I would be a liar if I say I don’t drink. Of course I drink, but I prefer to drink at home (during occasions). As a child, I was raised by my parents with Christian values. The constant reminder of my parents kept me away from bad influences and made me aware that drinking is bad. They will always tell me not to drink outside or without their supervision blah blah blah. I was in the 5th grade when I had my first drinking session outside. As an elementary and as a minor, drinking during those times made me feel a bad ass. It’s just 1 or 2 glasses of beer (I’m so hardcore!). I had my first hard liquor when I was in 2nd year high school. Just one shot.

I found drinking as a means of interaction. My dad would always tell my mom that drinking is essential for boys to start a good conversation/interaction. He said that boys can’t even tell a story starting with, “One time, while me and my friends were eating salad..”. It would always be “One time, while me and friends were drinking in this bar..”. I can understand the sentiments of my dad.









There is always something magical about drinking for boys.

My classmate, which also happened to be one of my close friend, invited us to come over his house for dinner. There was really no occasion, but I’m suspecting that his father just wanted his son’s classmates have a good time at their house.
It was a Friday. Though school had already started, there were no legitimate classes being conducted yet, since it was still the first week of classes. As early as 9:30 AM, I was already at their house. Most of my classmates just started to arrive around 2 in the afternoon. There were more or less 15 of us who responded to the invitation. To make use of time, we kicked in for a movie marathon (are 3 movies enough to consider a movie marathon?) We watched the Total Recall, The Healing, and Piranha 3DD. We had already watched half of Piranha 3DD when dinner was served. When we finished dinner, we started, rather, they started to do karaoke. Since, I am not the singer type, I decided to go upstairs to watch one of my best friends play computer. By the time I decided to go downstairs, I was surprised that they had already finished 4 long neck of Emperador Lights and there were only 7 of my classmates left downstairs. Since, there were only few of us left, I decided to join their “kulitan” and decided to sing along with them. From time to time, they offered me a shot glass but I just simply refused their kind offer. I was amazed to think that I haven’t accepted even one shot of liquor. Last time I visited there, I was drunk and was worried sick to go home because I was sure I would be scolded big time if my parents found out that I had been drinking. I was really smelling liquor, and the candy trick to cover the alcohol’s smell in my mouth was not the best idea since my sweat was already smelling alcohol because I was intoxicated by it. When I got home, I was so relieved to find out that my parents were not yet at home. I hurriedly took a bath and changed my clothes to cover-up what lapses I have made. I don’t really drink, but being in a company of people who drinks makes me guilty for not joining them drink. Yeah, it’s the famous “peer pressure”. It’s not like I didn’t find belongingness, but the fact of declining their kind offer was like rejecting them,  worse offending their ego. So, to avoid some unwanted comments, accepting one or two shots would be enough to save my reputation, thus showing respect to their company.

The feeling of being drunk was scary. You are forced to think in an altered state of mind, you are forced to believe the broken dreams and unfulfilled wishes in life, you are forced to act in a stupid manner, so on and so forth. Being drunk is like being elucidated. It seemed that the vague questions of reality are being clarified because of the liquor’s spirit.

Back to what happened last Friday.

We were laughing and singing along during that night. We laughed even harder because one of our classmates was starting to get tipsy. He started to fliptop and he started to sing loudly. He should be really drunk because he can’t even sit straight. We decided to lay him down at the sofa. To avoid the unexpected or the expected which was vomiting (since he was really drunk), we decided to lay him down on the floor. At first we can’t make him lay on the floor because he was insisting that he wanted the sofa. But eventually, we have convinced him to lay on the floor. We did everything to make him sober again. We tried applying a powder on his face, we made him eat a soup, but we just can’t make him sober that fast. We were teasing him (even though he’s out of his mind) that he’s a tomato for being a weakling. I was the first one to notice that there was already a puddle of vomit in front of his mouth. I panicked and I immediately called my classmates’ attention. The happy singing turned into a moment of concern which immediately turned into a moment of boisterous laughter.  I just looked at them clean the mess my classmate had done. They removed his t-shirt and placed the rug of the CR in his head to serve as pillow. Then after a few minutes, he vomited again and now blood was already present in his vomit. We were alarmed, but my classmate’s dad said that it’s just normal and said that it won’t kill him, maybe there was blood because of ulcer.

The experience we have had was priceless. Priceless because we were like mad men– singing, laughing, teasing, and enjoying the night.  We got home around 11 PM.

When I got home, I told the experience to my mom and dad. As what I have expected, they said their usual litany again about drinking. Although I was not reprimanded, I found their litany painful. It disappointed me because they won’t really trust me about that matter. I’m not saying that I am craving for alcohol, but my concern is I just wanted to be permitted to drink with my friends for the sake of “showing respect” to them. Since blood is thicker than water, and water is healthier than alcohol, I’d rather be humiliated by my colleagues than lose the trust my parents gave me. The lesson is, don’t let your parents catch you drink alcohol.

No vomit yet.

The owner of the house (my classmate’s dad) already helped in cleaning him. haha!

Thoughts to ponder:
Every parents do the best thing they think are best for their children. For example, my classmate’s dad allows his son to drink because he thinks that it is just natural for boys.  He even encourages his son to bring his son’s classmate to their house to at least monitor his son. Even though it seems absurd to encourage your son to drink, but I think not being very strict as a parent would mean responsibility for the child. If parents would be so strict about such things, the child would grow inferior thus making them rebellious because they wanted to try the things their parents prohibit them. Besides, proper upbringing and parental guidance helped his son develop into a mature and responsible individual.

My parents are over acting and sometimes inconsiderate, but I can understand them. Those parents who are “over acting” and “inconsiderate” are raising a child who is disciplined and obedient. But, being unreasonably strict results into a rebellious child.

Thoughts swarming on my mind:
1. I don’t really like drinking. The first gulp of beer is tolerable. The second gulp of it is detestable. I can’t comprehend why people love to drink beer. I was never an avid fan of beer. Sometimes, I like to drink because I think I’m cool. Yeah, media thought that to me.
2. Beers are classified as beverage. Liquors are alcohol. I can’t really tell their differences but those two entities are still the same in some aspects. They still have some alcohol content.


The Feeling Is Mutual


Honestly, I’ve had a hard time sharing my blog. So what’s the point of making a blog when you don’t want to share it? I made this blog just to suffice the need of expressing my thoughts. I can’t imagine pacifying all my thoughts inside my head. I’ll go nuts if I did that. By the time I had a decent number of entries in my blog, I decided to share my blog to some people whom I trust. I prefer to share it to people who have their own blogs because I know that somehow they also felt reluctant by the time they decided to share their blog to me. The feeling is mutual folks. By the way, you can guarantee that I won’t share your blogs to others. The picture below explains everything.