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At Its Best

That paper was the very first work of mine that was appreciated. Until then, I was inspired to write more. Then I dreamed on being a writer. Who would have thought that a simple compliment from a second year highschool English teacher would stir the dreams of a young aspiring writer. A simple encouragement would mean a lot to someone who has no confidence in his works. Let’s keep on encouraging each other because someday the little seed of encouragement would grow into a tree full of dreams.

At Its Best


Sadness and Sunset

The bright pale orange rays of the sun shone its faint and final life across the horizon. It may have shone brighter but its light were retreating as the darkness tried to embrace the face of the Earth. It peeked its final and hoped it would have stayed much longer but it didn’t.

Name this?

My failed attempt in making a quotation. As much as I wanted to make it sound sweet it kinda ended up being a little pervy. I have a bad sense of humor or Is it humor? Cause I find it a little funny and not sweet at all.

“Studies show that staring at breasts increase heart health, but I’d rather stare at your eyes and let you know that you are the reason why my heart beats.”