Captain Introbert: The Battle of The Love Monster

He suffered a bad case of low self-esteem. In that moment he was certain that he was never good enough. Never will, never have. He coped up, strived hard, and fought a needless fight against self-pity. He became unsure of himself, worse he became harsh. He obsessed in making himself look good. He became what he is not. What else could he prove to Cherry? Poems? Stories? Chocolates? He wished he knew.

Time accompanied Robert through the pain. It mended his broken heart, and healed his self-worth. They became best friends. For quite a long while, he still believed that one day he’d be able to love her. He convinced time that he’ll be able to withstand a long period of waiting. Time reassured him that he’ll support him, given that he’d wait for time’s perfect timing. Robert was a big fan of perfect timing, so rare, so evasive, so fluid. Oh, Robert’s optimistic heart. Should I say, Robert’s stubborn heart?

A couple of years passed, the same house, the same scenario, but not the same feelings Robert has for Cherry. The zeal for Cherry was still the same, yet he lowered the rank of Cherry in his heart from being his true love to a mere crush. That would be the best way to lessen the pain inflicted to him every time he thinks about his unrequited love for her. Soon enough, they went to college, and didn’t expect that they would end up studying in the same classroom. The odds must be playing with Robert. All of those times he spent with time, he thought that he had already suppressed his burning feelings for Cherry. There, towards his right, beside the window, sat Cherry. Their gaze would never meet. Cherry would always look at the things outside the window, while Robert would always look at her. For most of the time in school, he noticed that they would just keep on day dreaming. He, thinking of her, while she, thinking of, oh well, let it not be Jasper.

Seeing her everyday makes him want to make poems, write stories, and give chocolates. Seeing her everyday makes him desperate. One boring afternoon lecture, he gave up dreaming on her. Well, not really. He flipped the pages of his notebook and decided to doodle. He managed to make a brilliant idea, he supposed. He drew himself, Cherry, and the love monster in the form of an octopus. His imagination went too fast, he imagined himself wearing an armor and having a sword. There, on his far front stood the love monster, holding Cherry with its long numerous tentacles. He charged with all his strength and slayed the love monster. In that moment, in the eyes of Cherry, Robert was her hero, her knight in shining armor. If only being in love was as easy as killing a love monster, Robert would surely beat all those hideous love monsters who kept on shooting a young man’s heart with cupid’s arrow while making the girl felt otherwise. If, and only if.

A loud clap abducted Robert from his imagination back to reality. Two hands landed firmly on the either side of Robert’s desk. “And what are you doing Mr. Robert in the middle of my discussion? No, no, no, no, no. Day dreaming again Mr. lover boy?” Robert caught a giggle from Cherry. He then looked down to what he had drawn, speechless. Well, love really can disarm a man, even the most cautious of them all. 

A young man in love is the most miserable person in the world. Even the most educated and well bred lad might experience grief and sorrow when in love. Or Is he? Is he even in love with Cherry? Are his claims about his love for Cherry true or they are just another misinterpretations of love?

Again, it’s far from what I’m supposed to do. It seems that the output unveiled all by itself.


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