Captain Introbert: Kryptonite

If Superman has a Kryptonite for a weakness, then Captain Introbert has a fruit for his — Cherry. The only difference would be was that Captain Introbert loved his weakness. The most unfortunate weakness any superhero could have.

He thought that he had already fallen out of crush with her. He thought that he had already won the constant struggle of shoving the thoughts of Cherry every morn. His hopeless romantic mindset was replaced with cordial interaction. Conversations, actions, and whatnot don’t feel awkward anymore. The more he thought of the thought that he fell in love with her once made him laugh. Silly me, he thought. “I fell in love with this girl?”

Classroom interactions don’t feel lousy anymore. No more pretention and hiding of feelings. The more he spent time with her, knowing her even better caused confusion in his recently clarified heart. They said there’s always a calm before the storm. I suppose they are right, for another tumult developed inside Robert’s heart.

Just like a bud blooming into a flower, a girl turned into a lady. Cherry’s 18th birthday came and was fast approaching.

Two days left until the big day. He hasn’t received any invitations yet. He was half-expecting of course. Half-expecting to be personally invited by her. He knew it. He knew that he would never have a chance to be invited by Cherry personally. Who was he? Just her neighbor. Just her classmate.

The big day came and still no invitations.

“Robert, why aren’t you dressed yet? Have you forgotten today’s Cherry’s debut?” He never forgot, actually. He always remembered Cherry’s birthday, he always think about her. Could he afford to forget the most important day in Cherry’s life? Of course not!

“I’m not going. She didn’t invite me.” Enough said.

“Don’t be silly my boy. Haven’t you received the invitations?”

“But it only says Mr. and Mrs. Robson. Should I insist myself on attending her party?”

“So, that’s what you’re worried about? Tell me son, when was the time ego fixed a problem?”

Needless to say, he ended up getting dressed although reluctant to attend the love of his life’s party.

The theme was festive, but Robert’s heart was miserable. He saw his classmates, their classmates. He immediately felt insignificant. His classmates were invited while he being her neighbor and classmate at the same time wasn’t?

If there’s a debutante, there would always be roses, 18 of them actually. Robert was worried about Cherry might not be having the roses. Maybe Cherry forgot about the roses or maybe Cherry would conduct an impromptu search for the 18 roses. Then the introduction of the Roses came. It was her dad who escorted her to the center aisle. Then the second came. The third came. Then suddenly they were complete. It was already programmed. How could he be so clueless? His heart was crushed by the thought that there would never be a surprise 18 Roses, that there would never be a Robert in the 18 roses. They started to dance. They twirled, smiled, and laughed through the music. Although his heart was throbbing, he was honestly happy to see Cherry happy. Roses represent the special guys in a girl’s life, and he wished he was part of them. He was happy of the thought that Cherry was enjoying her birthday with the persons she loved,  yet sad because of the fact that Cherry has no more available space in the special-persons-slot for him in her heart. Just as heart-crushing the thoughts were, the same sentiments were what he felt when Cherry began to dance her final rose. Jasper. Her eyes didn’t hide the joy she had when she danced him. Robert saw the twinkling and sparkles in her eyes as they swayed and danced through the music. They were so precious in Robert’s eyes — seeing the love of his life happy, despite being with the love of her life. Are you happy now odds?

Maybe he could make a one last look and bid farewell to his life’s love. One last look won’t hurt right? He was walking away towards the exit. Oh boy, you’ve surely lost your hopes. He imagined his life like one of those in the movies. The guy walks away, and then the girl runs after him. A wishful thinking indeed.


Robert turned around and realized one thing in his life, that last ones won’t really be the last. He was looking at Cherry for another one last time. Star-struck, dumbfounded, love-struck, what else? Name it, for that was what Robert felt when he saw Cherry in front of him. He might have seen a princess. No, she should have been an angel. An angel wearing the color of a cherry? Silly. Of course it’s Cherry. Far more beautiful than an angel, and more precious than a princess.

“Oh, hey.” The lamest response a guy could ever give. So you’re now playing hard to get huh, Robert?

“Thank you very much for attending my debut. Your presence means so much to me.” Seriously? Robert thought throughout the program that he was not welcome. But here she was, thanking her despite her not inviting him personally. How cool is that?

“You’re kidding right? I was even ashamed to show my face to you because I felt like a party crasher.”

“No, don’t think of that. I’m really glad you came.”

“Can I take a photograph of us?”

“I would gladly accept your request.” Another move that put Robert’s heart into jeopardy. It’s really a bad idea taking a photograph together with your Kryptonite. What is the sense of battling a Love Monster only to rescue your Kryptonite? Think Robert, think! Where is the logic in that?

I hope it won’t suck.


2 thoughts on “Captain Introbert: Kryptonite

  1. mauvekitsch

    hahaha a personal footnote. cool. but yeah, you know where you lacked here. you can self-edit when you have time. go ahead and do self-editing first before i give “harsh” comments because i really mean to be harsh. 😀 i won’t say it’s fine if it’s not fine or if it’s not enough. but what’s commendable here is that you were able to maintain your “funny voice”. we’re very opposite. where you can sound funny (even though you’re unconscious about it), i can sound very melancholic – but that’s a digression hehe

  2. cornetroll Post author

    hey! i’ve done editing the words. the grammatical errors and i haven’t really changed the construction. i’ve just added some words and deleted some. what do you think? i think dili siya parehas sa mga previous nako ba nga ga-build up, unya smooth gamay ang transition. okay ra man pud iyang transitions, pero paspas ra gamay. kay ang story man gud halos based jud sa tinuod nga buhay, sa first hand experience nako. hahaha so, tell me where i have been poor 🙂


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