16 Ways To Identify Someone Who Is “Selectively Social”

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1. You are very frank and loud at home or when you are with your friends but you turn into a timid shy ball when you are with people you hardly know.

2. You are the entertainer in your friends circle but you hate it when your friends expect you to entertain in front of a crowd of strangers.

3. You are very close to just one or two friends among your friends circle. With the rest of the friends in your circle, you are comfortable being you but you are not too close. 

4. There’s an uncertainty when you agree to keep in touch with people. There are days when you want to talk to people yet there are days when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

5. When your friends ask you to join them for an outing, the first thing you ask is; “Who…

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Captain Introbert: Kryptonite

If Superman has a Kryptonite for a weakness, then Captain Introbert has a fruit for his — Cherry. The only difference would be was that Captain Introbert loved his weakness. The most unfortunate weakness any superhero could have.

He thought that he had already fallen out of crush with her. He thought that he had already won the constant struggle of shoving the thoughts of Cherry every morn. His hopeless romantic mindset was replaced with cordial interaction. Conversations, actions, and whatnot don’t feel awkward anymore. The more he thought of the thought that he fell in love with her once made him laugh. Silly me, he thought. “I fell in love with this girl?”

Classroom interactions don’t feel lousy anymore. No more pretention and hiding of feelings. The more he spent time with her, knowing her even better caused confusion in his recently clarified heart. They said there’s always a calm before the storm. I suppose they are right, for another tumult developed inside Robert’s heart.

Just like a bud blooming into a flower, a girl turned into a lady. Cherry’s 18th birthday came and was fast approaching.

Two days left until the big day. He hasn’t received any invitations yet. He was half-expecting of course. Half-expecting to be personally invited by her. He knew it. He knew that he would never have a chance to be invited by Cherry personally. Who was he? Just her neighbor. Just her classmate.

The big day came and still no invitations.

“Robert, why aren’t you dressed yet? Have you forgotten today’s Cherry’s debut?” He never forgot, actually. He always remembered Cherry’s birthday, he always think about her. Could he afford to forget the most important day in Cherry’s life? Of course not!

“I’m not going. She didn’t invite me.” Enough said.

“Don’t be silly my boy. Haven’t you received the invitations?”

“But it only says Mr. and Mrs. Robson. Should I insist myself on attending her party?”

“So, that’s what you’re worried about? Tell me son, when was the time ego fixed a problem?”

Needless to say, he ended up getting dressed although reluctant to attend the love of his life’s party.

The theme was festive, but Robert’s heart was miserable. He saw his classmates, their classmates. He immediately felt insignificant. His classmates were invited while he being her neighbor and classmate at the same time wasn’t?

If there’s a debutante, there would always be roses, 18 of them actually. Robert was worried about Cherry might not be having the roses. Maybe Cherry forgot about the roses or maybe Cherry would conduct an impromptu search for the 18 roses. Then the introduction of the Roses came. It was her dad who escorted her to the center aisle. Then the second came. The third came. Then suddenly they were complete. It was already programmed. How could he be so clueless? His heart was crushed by the thought that there would never be a surprise 18 Roses, that there would never be a Robert in the 18 roses. They started to dance. They twirled, smiled, and laughed through the music. Although his heart was throbbing, he was honestly happy to see Cherry happy. Roses represent the special guys in a girl’s life, and he wished he was part of them. He was happy of the thought that Cherry was enjoying her birthday with the persons she loved,  yet sad because of the fact that Cherry has no more available space in the special-persons-slot for him in her heart. Just as heart-crushing the thoughts were, the same sentiments were what he felt when Cherry began to dance her final rose. Jasper. Her eyes didn’t hide the joy she had when she danced him. Robert saw the twinkling and sparkles in her eyes as they swayed and danced through the music. They were so precious in Robert’s eyes — seeing the love of his life happy, despite being with the love of her life. Are you happy now odds?

Maybe he could make a one last look and bid farewell to his life’s love. One last look won’t hurt right? He was walking away towards the exit. Oh boy, you’ve surely lost your hopes. He imagined his life like one of those in the movies. The guy walks away, and then the girl runs after him. A wishful thinking indeed.


Robert turned around and realized one thing in his life, that last ones won’t really be the last. He was looking at Cherry for another one last time. Star-struck, dumbfounded, love-struck, what else? Name it, for that was what Robert felt when he saw Cherry in front of him. He might have seen a princess. No, she should have been an angel. An angel wearing the color of a cherry? Silly. Of course it’s Cherry. Far more beautiful than an angel, and more precious than a princess.

“Oh, hey.” The lamest response a guy could ever give. So you’re now playing hard to get huh, Robert?

“Thank you very much for attending my debut. Your presence means so much to me.” Seriously? Robert thought throughout the program that he was not welcome. But here she was, thanking her despite her not inviting him personally. How cool is that?

“You’re kidding right? I was even ashamed to show my face to you because I felt like a party crasher.”

“No, don’t think of that. I’m really glad you came.”

“Can I take a photograph of us?”

“I would gladly accept your request.” Another move that put Robert’s heart into jeopardy. It’s really a bad idea taking a photograph together with your Kryptonite. What is the sense of battling a Love Monster only to rescue your Kryptonite? Think Robert, think! Where is the logic in that?

I hope it won’t suck.

Captain Introbert: The Battle of The Love Monster

He suffered a bad case of low self-esteem. In that moment he was certain that he was never good enough. Never will, never have. He coped up, strived hard, and fought a needless fight against self-pity. He became unsure of himself, worse he became harsh. He obsessed in making himself look good. He became what he is not. What else could he prove to Cherry? Poems? Stories? Chocolates? He wished he knew.

Time accompanied Robert through the pain. It mended his broken heart, and healed his self-worth. They became best friends. For quite a long while, he still believed that one day he’d be able to love her. He convinced time that he’ll be able to withstand a long period of waiting. Time reassured him that he’ll support him, given that he’d wait for time’s perfect timing. Robert was a big fan of perfect timing, so rare, so evasive, so fluid. Oh, Robert’s optimistic heart. Should I say, Robert’s stubborn heart?

A couple of years passed, the same house, the same scenario, but not the same feelings Robert has for Cherry. The zeal for Cherry was still the same, yet he lowered the rank of Cherry in his heart from being his true love to a mere crush. That would be the best way to lessen the pain inflicted to him every time he thinks about his unrequited love for her. Soon enough, they went to college, and didn’t expect that they would end up studying in the same classroom. The odds must be playing with Robert. All of those times he spent with time, he thought that he had already suppressed his burning feelings for Cherry. There, towards his right, beside the window, sat Cherry. Their gaze would never meet. Cherry would always look at the things outside the window, while Robert would always look at her. For most of the time in school, he noticed that they would just keep on day dreaming. He, thinking of her, while she, thinking of, oh well, let it not be Jasper.

Seeing her everyday makes him want to make poems, write stories, and give chocolates. Seeing her everyday makes him desperate. One boring afternoon lecture, he gave up dreaming on her. Well, not really. He flipped the pages of his notebook and decided to doodle. He managed to make a brilliant idea, he supposed. He drew himself, Cherry, and the love monster in the form of an octopus. His imagination went too fast, he imagined himself wearing an armor and having a sword. There, on his far front stood the love monster, holding Cherry with its long numerous tentacles. He charged with all his strength and slayed the love monster. In that moment, in the eyes of Cherry, Robert was her hero, her knight in shining armor. If only being in love was as easy as killing a love monster, Robert would surely beat all those hideous love monsters who kept on shooting a young man’s heart with cupid’s arrow while making the girl felt otherwise. If, and only if.

A loud clap abducted Robert from his imagination back to reality. Two hands landed firmly on the either side of Robert’s desk. “And what are you doing Mr. Robert in the middle of my discussion? No, no, no, no, no. Day dreaming again Mr. lover boy?” Robert caught a giggle from Cherry. He then looked down to what he had drawn, speechless. Well, love really can disarm a man, even the most cautious of them all. 

A young man in love is the most miserable person in the world. Even the most educated and well bred lad might experience grief and sorrow when in love. Or Is he? Is he even in love with Cherry? Are his claims about his love for Cherry true or they are just another misinterpretations of love?

Again, it’s far from what I’m supposed to do. It seems that the output unveiled all by itself.

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Captain Introbert

My mind is full of fictional characters, full-length movies that only I could watch, stories that only I could make, and novels that only I could read. If I could become a superhero I would call myself Captain Introbert. Pun intended.
Robert and Cherry are neighbors. Does Cherry knows that? I guess not.

Once upon a time, in a city wherein literature is almost obsolete, lives a little boy named Robert. This boy, unlike any other normal boys, loves to read books. Due to his introvert nature, his interaction with the regular boys in town seems awkward. He is easily intimidated with the boys about his age being so cool and all. All the boys in that town love to play basketball, and all the girls in that town admire boys who play basketball. Although he knew a little about playing basketball, he knew his capacity, and he knew he would be trying hard.

This is Robert’s regular afternoon — he sits alone along one of the court’s benches, watches the other kids play basketball, and wishes that he can play as good as the other kids too. But unlike any other regular afternoon, a girl named Cherry sits directly opposite his direction. Since the day he met that girl, he’s already into her. The girl doesn’t know anything about Robert. She doesn’t even know that there’s a boy named Robert, for Cherry’s eyes are always glued to the famous boy in town, Jasper.

Robert is the new guy in town. His family decided to transfer there a month ago, for his father’s best friend resides in that town. They moved to a house beside his father’s best friend. The day Robert’s family moved into that house, he saw a girl about his age. The girl was so beautiful, and most of all, the girl reads. He thought of introducing himself to the girl he had just seen, but decided not to for he thought it would creep out the girl. He wanted to know her name so badly, but Robert’s shy nature kept him from befriending the girl and kept him from knowing her name. He thought to himself, “Good. First day of moving in and I already have a crush on this girl-next-door.” Of course he was being sarcastic.

Robert already knows the story of his father’s best friend. For a thousand times his father would tell him such stories. His best friend being his partner in crime, his best friend having this beautiful daughter, his best friend having a what? How could he forgot? Of course his father would always tell Robert that his best friend has a beautiful daughter. Could that be, could that be her? Robert’s thoughts cram when he remembered this cliche stories about his father’s best friend, now all those stories are being useful. “What’s her name? What’s her name? Whatsername?!” He pounded his head in desperation trying to recall the name of the girl in his father’s stories. He thought he would not forgot the girl’s name. When he first heard the name of the girl, he thought to himself, “What a silly name. A girl named after a fruit.” But now, he cursed for not paying too much attention about the girl’s name. He would even make a joke about the girl’s name, What is a fruit, and also a name? Of course Cherry! That’s it! Thanks to his mocking point of view, he was able to remember the name of the girl he once called the fruit-named girl.

If not for that day, he would never know the point of naming someone after a fruit.

He knows everything about Cherry. He knows that she performs on theaters, he knows that she reads books, he knows that she is beautiful, he knows that Cherry admires someone who can play basketball. But does Cherry even know that they are neighbors? I guess not.

Although Robert, when described by other kids being lousy, not cool, and wimpy, he is actually inclined to arts. Anything about arts — photography, poetry, painting, and music but exclude the singing part. There are only two passions Robert has in life, anything about arts, and anything for Cherry.

God knows how much Robert loves Cherry. Is that even love? Is that love at first sight? He doesn’t know, but all he knows is that he wanted Cherry so badly.

Being able to know almost everything about someone you love dearly, is not always beneficial. The truth may either hurt you, or it would put you in the edge of advantage. Robert knows that. Robert knows that Cherry is in love with Jasper. He knows that because Cherry’s eyes tells so much, they tell so much when she looks at that boy. Robert knows that she’s already in love with Jasper before Robert had set foot in their town. Robert is not surprised to know why the love of his life already loves somebody. Cherry and Jasper goes to the same school. They meet everyday. They could be together for at least 8 hours a day. But what does Robert have? He only have a minute or two to see her every time she comes home from school. A slim chance, aye?

One day, the odds decided to favor Robert. As he was passing by in front of Cherry’s house, he noticed that the girl was sitting alone at the stairway of their doorstep. The girl seemed to be sad, holding nothing but a book. Her eyes heavy and weary. Now was Robert’s chance to talk to the girl. He took unwilling steps towards her, yet his eagerness to befriend her convinced him to go and talk to her. He found himself standing in front of the girl. The point of no return, he thought. Cherry wondered why all of a sudden the place turned dark. Of course somebody was standing in front of her. In a rather annoyed manner, she closed her book, put into her laps, and looked up to the person who blocked the source of light she needed for reading. Standing in front of her was a boy. Of course, it would always be boys who bother her.

“Do you want chocolates?”

“And who are you? Sorry I don’t talk to strangers. Most likely I won’t be accepting chocolates from strangers.” Although Cherry did want to have the chocolates, she brushed the idea of getting what she badly needed at the moment. Under any circumstances, she would gladly accept those chocolates, given that she won’t be bothered by someone, especially when she’s feeling her moment.

“I believe I am no stranger, miss. I live next to your house. My name is –”


She sat up immediately holding the book, while she fixed herself to make herself presentable in front of Robert’s presence. How could Cherry knew Robert? Could it be that her father also tells stories about him? Even if her father did, Robert was sure that he was only mentioned as the son of his best friend. He doubt that her father would tell interesting stories about him. She managed to make an embarrassed smile while extending her hand to Robert.

A touch of an angel. He didn’t expect to hold her hand especially on their first meeting. He handed the chocolates to her. Although Robert knew that everyone loves chocolates, he didn’t knew that chocolates were Cherry’s favorite. That was her anti-depressant, her stress remover. They spent the entire day talking and getting to know each other. The following afternoons were just like the very first day they met. They spent the afternoons exchanging stories, talking about themselves, anything that would interest them. Until such time Cherry doesn’t show any interests about their conversations anymore. His stories no longer amuse her. And as the fleeting days of happiness came to an end, Robert decided to stop this madness.

Vowing that he would always love Cherry, he decided to become a superhero. He decided to have superpowers just like what she told him she would always want to have. But Robert was no superhero. Robert was just a mere artist, a lover of both art and Cherry. He decided to create his imaginary world. He wrote it all down into stories hoping that Cherry would pay even a little attention to what he made. Even though how great Robert’s imagination was, he knew that all his efforts were pointless. Soon enough, he created a flawed superhero. He created the infamous Captain Introbert.

Name: Captain Introbert
Name Origin: Derived from the word introduction, and the name Robert. The two were combined and the name Introbert was created.
Special Abilities: Capable of making wonderful stories. Did I say story introductions?
Other Informations: Captain Introbert was an introvert (as to what his name closely resembles).

Note to readers:
Well, this entry is far from what I’ve expected.